KWVF Radio

Larry Krudwig at the controls of KWVF.

The Walnut Valley Festival is one of the few festivals to have a radio station. Since 1995, Larry Krudwig has brought the equipment to operate a low-powered radio station that covers the entire festival grounds (and then some). The station signs on the air on Landrush Thursday and stays on the air for ten days a year. In 1997, it operated on a frequency of 105.7 mHz.
KWVF broadcasts a mix of weather and music. The weather is a re-broadcast from the Wichita weather radio. The station is equipped to go full-time with weather information in case of a warning for Cowley County. Otherwise, weather occupies the first 5 minutes of each half hour. The rest of the time consists primarily of recorded music by festival performers. Some interviews of musicians and announcements from festival management fill out the broadcast schedule.
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